Bresser Pollux 150/1400 EQ3 Telescope

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899.95 лв
Bresser Pollux 150/1400 EQ3 Telescope 1
899.95 лв

Bresser Pollux 150/1400 EQ3 – a Newtonian reflector with built-in Barlow lens and equatorial mount EQ-3. This mount lets you quickly find a desired celestial object and easily follow its path by rotating only one knob. The telescope is a truly a universal instrument – due to its 150mm aperture, it gathers enough light to observe faint objects such as nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies. At the same time, it allows you to observe the Solar System planets, bright comets, and stars of up to 13 stellar magnitude, including double stars. The maximum useful magnification of the telescope is 300x.

This 1400mm focal length telescope is equipped with a quite short and lightweight optical tube that makes it suitable for transportation. The ultra-reliable steel tripod ensures a stable platform for the telescope and has a convenient tray that allows you to keep at hand all necessary accessories such as eyepieces, filters, and other optical tools – all are present in the kit that comes with the telescope.

Newtonian telescope with Barlow lens
Objective lens diameter: 150mm
Focal ratio: f/9.3
Coated optics
Limiting stellar magnitude up to 11
5-year manufacturer's warranty

The kit includes:
Aluminum tube
Aluminum tripod with accessory tray
2 Kellner eyepieces: 4mm and 12mm
Red Dot finder
3x Barlow lens
Universal smarthphone adapter
User manual

Optical design: Newtonian reflector
Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm: 150
Focal length, mm: 1400
Highest practical power, x: 300
Magnification, x: 70–1050
Focal ratio: f/9.3
Resolution threshold, arcseconds: 0.8
Limiting stellar magnitude: 13
Eyepieces: Kellner eyepieces: 4mm and 12mm
Eyepiece barrel diameter, in: 1.25
Finderscope: Red Dot
Tripod: Steel
Telescope control: manual
Mount: EQ3
Weight, kg: 15.0

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